Araucaria heterophylla leavesSTRENGTH is the power of the mind to accomplish or to endure.  The strength of the mind rejoices greatly when it finds the Inexhaustible Source of all strength of Spirit that is everywhere present.  This Pure Presence of Spirit is that within which we live, move and have our being: the pure consciousness of God that we know, believe and are grateful for is in the before, now and afterwards, the forever which exclaims, “We have found the Messiah.” (John 1:41)  When we find the Messiah, we know strength.cypress 2

The Messiah is in that aspect of who we are that we recognize as Andrew.  In Hebrew, Andrew 
means manly or strong man.   Andrew was the first disciple to recognize Jesus as the Messiah.  Through Strength, Andrew not only delivers himself but also brings his brother Peter (faith) to Jesus — to the Pure Consciousness of Spirit.  This demonstrates that with strength and faith, we can leave our nets.  Strength supports faith.  “When strength finds faith, and they are brothers consciously in the mind, a bond of unity is established that carries one along, even though one may encounter the most adverse experiences.”  (Charles Fillmore, from  The Metaphysical Bible Dictionary)

Strength is not mere physical might.  Strength impacts every aspect of who we are, mind, body and soul.  To increase STRENGTH, we must learn to become still.  In the stillness, we slow down and listen to the universe.  In that stillness, we revitalize our inner strength that is the might of God.  In the stillness, we are able to balance our thinking and feeling natures.  (Isaiah 30:15)peace and quietSamson, representing STRENGTH in the Old Testament, is an example an imbalance in thinking and feeling depletes strength.  (Judges 16:15-31)  “The life of Samson, as given in Judges, represents the different movements of strength in human consciousness, and its betrayal and end. Samson did all kinds of athletic stunts. but was finally robbed of his strength by Delilah, a Philistine woman, who had his head shaved while he slept on her knees. Hair represents vitality. When the vital principle is taken away the strength goes with it. This weakens the body and it finally perishes. Eve took away the strength of Adam in like manner, and every man who gives up the vital essence of his body for the pleasure of sensation commits suicide, as did Samson.”  (These links are supported by

cypressThe part of the body associated with Strength is the lower back.  The OIL associated with STRENGTH is CYPRESSCYPRESS  (semper virens) is sometimes referred to as an “evergreen oak”.  A tree known for its strength and durability.  Hebrew root is tirzah, meaning slender.  Cypress trees are tall and slender.

THE MIGHTY GROVES of Lebanon are described in Sirach as “trees which groweth up to the clouds.”  THE GOPHER WOOD of the ark, thought to be cypress, was used for its durability under adverse conditions.  THE DOORS of St. Peter’s in Rome which lasted 600 years are made of CYPRESS.
cypress leaf 2
ANCIENT USES:  David’s palace and Solomon’s palace made of cypress and cedar; the Temple, built by Solomon made of cypress and cedar.
cypress 4MODERN USES: Urinary system, water retention., anti infectious, antibacterial, circulatory system, bones and muscles.
cypress 3BIBLE REFERENCES: Gen 6:14 (the ark); II Chron. 2 (building of the temple); I Kings: 9-11 (Solomon and Hiram); Isaiah 60:13; (future glory of Zion) Hosea 14:8 (promise of blessing to a repentant Israel); Sirach 24:13 {wisdom exalted}…”as a cypress on the mountains of. Hermon.”

EMOTIONAL CLEARING: strengthens, and helps to ease the feeling of loss, gives sense of security, grounding and helps to heal emotional trauma.  BLENDS containing cypress:  Aroma Life, Aroma Siez, and RC.
aroma life



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