ELIMINATION is a spiritual faculty whose function is elimination, release, or letting go through a process of denial.  Our faculty of saying “no,” which can be used either as preventive or a corrective.
Hysssop flower
It is just as necessary that one should learn to let go of thoughts, conditions and substances in consciousness, body and affairs when they have served their purpose and one no longer needs them, as it is that one should lay hold of new ideas and new substances to meet one’s daily requirements.” Metaphysical Bible Dictionary.
hyssop large unique
The DISCIPLE who represents ELIMINATION is THADDEUS:  warm hearted, courageous.  Fearlessness necessary for proper elimination in mind and body.
hyssop seeds niceThe LOCATION in the body is the Abdominal region.   Hyssopus officinalis (Hyssop) is the associated plant and herb.  Its Hebrew Root:  Esob or Holy Herb; liberation; throughout the scriptures, hyssop depicted as the oil for purification.
hyssop oil bottles
A highly colored shrub, 12-24 inches high, with pink, blue, white, lavender flowers) native to southern Europe, the Middle East and region of the Caspian Sea.
hyssop mexicanThe stem is woody at the base from which grow a number of straight braces.  Steam distilled from stems and leaves.
hyssop beautiful closeup -feature in bodyCHEMISTRY:  Monoterpenes,  Sesquiterpenes, Phenylpropenoids (emotionally cleansing and balancing).
hyssop ground for facialBIBLE REFERENCES: Psalm  51:7 (David’s repentance over Bathsheba incident when confronted by Nathan;)  ; Ex. 12:22 (Passover— hyssop branch struck on the lintel and doorpost released the oil); Lev. 14:17 (cleansing of lepers along with cedarwood);  John 19:29 (crucifixion—Jesus offered hyssop branch known as a pain killer for suffocation).
hyssop seeds close upANCIENT USES:  Absorbing guilt, cleansing of leprosy and the emotions behind it, addictions and destructive habits, respiratory relief, decongestant, protection against plague.
Hyssop bushMODERN USES:  Anti-asmathic; anit-infectious; antispasmodic: anti-viral; decongestant; diuretic; and sedative;  help with coughs, colds and fever, parasites, regulating lipid metabolism.
hyssop anise large


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